Daniel Larson Virtual Fan Meet Details

Daniel Larson Virtual Fan Meet Details

What time will the meeting occur?

The meeting will start at 9:45 PM Eastern Standard Time (US) on Monday, August 30, 2021 however the official start time is at 10:00 EST and that is when Daniel will be joining. Please join no later than 9:55 because we need to verify that all participants have tickets before Daniel joins. The meeting will last around 1 Hour but may go longer.

*You must have a Zoom account to access this meeting*

How do I know that I will not be scammed?

We assure you that you will not be scammed. Allow us to explain why you shouldn't worry:

  • There are only 500 tickets available which is the amount of participants allowed through our Zoom Plan
  • The time has been predetermined so we coordinated Daniel's schedule around this meeting and he will be available 
  • If the meeting does not start within by 10:10 PM Eastern Time, we will automatically issue full refunds to every customer, just in case an emergency comes up
  • All payments are processed through Shopify Payments/PayPal which offer consumer protection
  • We already have tested the process and know that it works

How do I join?

We created a robust process to ensure that the meeting will be secure and only paying customers will be able to join. It seems complicated at first but it is actually pretty simple. Here is how it will work:

1. You will be sent a confirmation email after you purchase to ensure that your order went through
2. You will be sent an email 15 minutes prior to the official meeting start time. The email will contain the following information

  • Link to the Zoom Meeting
  • Meeting ID/Passcode in-case link does not work
  • All the info on how to join, and what to do once you get in
  • A button to instantly message support if you need help
  • Any other details/updates
3.   You will click the link to the Zoom, join the meeting, and rename yourself to your Order Number which will be found in the email (THIS MUST BE DONE NO LATER THAN 9:55 PM EST TO ENSURE ENTRY TO THE ZOOM)
4.   You will wait until we are ready start
5.   A staff member will unmute, and inform you that everyone is about to be sent to the waiting room
6.   We will then admit every participant with a valid Ticket Number, Daniel will join, and Video/Chat will be enabled for all participants 
7.   We will go over some rules, and then users will be allowed to chat us to request to be unmuted so they can talk to Joshua or his fans


What will happen on the Zoom?

  • We will call on fans in order of Order Number so the the earlier you purchase, the earlier you will get called on
  • Games like Trivia, Kahoot, and GimKit
  • Daniel may answer more Q&A questions
  • Daniel may to anything else like do a dance or accept requests


Disclaimer: By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to abide by all terms below. If you violate any term, Titan Co retains the right to mute or remove you from the meeting with no refund:

  1. Join the Zoom between 9:45 PM and 9:55 PM (EST)
  2. Rename yourself on the Zoom to your Order Number before 9:55 PM EST
  3. Do not use a order number that is not yours and do not share your order number with anyone else
  4. Do not insult anyone on the Zoom including Daniel
  5. Do not use any slurs
  6. Do not use any profanity
  7. Do not attempt to disturb the participants 
  8. Do not bring up politics 
  9. Do not bring anything up that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
  10. Do not ask Daniel about anything that could harm his reputation
  11. Do not show any nudity
  12. Respect our staff and Daniel
  13. Follow all directions given by staff 

If you two users are named the same order number, both participants will be removed from the Zoom.

The meeting will lock at 10:00 so you must join before then. If you miss it, you will not be refunded.