About Us

General Info:

Titan Co was founded in 2021 by Jared Appel in Plymouth, MN. We specialize in making all kinds of products like Custom Metal Cards, Stickers, Decals, Phone Cases, PopGrips, Puzzles, Stamps and more! We currently have a small staff that helps manage customer support, social media, and outreach services. Titan Co has three branches which you can read more about below:

1. Consumer Products

Consumers can purchase a variety of products through our site that are designed and made by us. Many of these designs are pre-made, but you can also upload your own. Purchasing through this route is best for small quantities of items.

2. Bulk Products

Businesses and other entities can purchase through our bulk devision to receive discounts on larger orders. Prices are cheaper for bulk orders because we can product the products in a large batch and ship them together to reduce costs and pass those on to the customer. If you are interested in bulk ordering, please visit our bulk ordering page for more details.

3. Creator Marketplace

We work with content creators all across the internet to create their own line of products and services. These include but are not limited to phone cases, PopGrips, shirts, puzzles, online fan-meets, personalized video messages, paid posts, and more. If you are a content creator interested in any of these options, please visit our creator marketplace page for more info.

Our Team:

Jared A - MN

Hi, I am Jared! I am the Founder/CEO of Titan Co. I currently handle production, fulfillment, social media, and our website. I enjoy making things and making money. In my free time, I like to build things, go on TikTok, trade stocks, and get outdoors. I have started multiple businesses and have a lot of experience in this field.

Cameron B - IN

Hi, I am Cameron! I am the Chief of Customer Relations for Titan Co. I handle customer support, live chat, and development. I enjoy playing basketball and baseball. I have been selling sports cards for around 3 years and I have been working for Titan Co since March of 2021.

Sarah O - MN

Hi, I am Sarah! I am the Chief Creativity Officer. I handle social media, product design, and some customer support. I enjoy listening to music and making art. I love coming up with new ideas and helping people out. I have been working for Titan Co since June of 2021.

Sasha K - NY

Hi, I am Sasha! I am the head of marketing for Titan Co. I handle email marketing, creator outreach, and product development. I am a big basketball fan and love playing video games. I am from Brooklyn, NY and I have been working for Titan Co since June of 2021.

More Info:

We currently have equipment to make a variety of products that are not listed on our site. Here are some of our most important tools:

  • Laser Engraver
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Heat Press
  • Label Maker
  • Heat Gun
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader/Writer
  • Sublimation Printer
  • Inkjet Printer
  • EMV Chip Reader
  • Dust Collector