Bulk Ordering


Bulk ordering is available for business/organization customers who want to purchase any of our products in larger quantities. We offer discounted prices for bulk ordering if you meet the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). You can view our selection of products available for bulk discounts below.

Product Selection:

Below is a list of all products available for bulk orders:

  • Phone Cases (MOQ: 5 Units)
  • PopGrips (MOQ: 5 Units)
  • Metal Business Cards (MOQ: 25 Units)
  • Metal Credit Cards (MOQ: 3 Units)
  • Screen Protector (MOQ: 5 Units)
  • Magnetic Badges (MOQ: 5 Units)
  • Puzzles (MOQ: 10 Units)
  • Decals - Small (MOQ: 10 Units)
  • Decals - Large (MOQ: 2 Units
  • Stickers (MOQ: 10 Units)

Please fill out the Bulk Ordering Inquiry Form if to receive a quote.


You may request a sample from us by contacting customer support. Samples for most customers will be available at retail price but some customers may receive a sample at a lower cost depending on the size of the organization.