Metal Credit/Debit Cards

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  1. Pick out a design or make your own through our website
  2. Put in your details and customize your design
  3. Checkout and we will email you a tracking label within 48 hours for you to ship your plastic card to us
  4. We will laser-engrave your design into a metal card blank, clone the magstripe, and transplant the chip
  5. We will test your card to ensure full functionality and then ship it back to you along with your old plastic card


  • Industry-grade stainless steel
  • Pick your own design
  • Provides a luxury experience at any store
  • Increase social status
  • Heavy, durable, and sleek design
  • 20% all future purchases of metal cards from Titan Co (Exclusions apply)
  • 10% other purchases from Titan Co (Exclusions apply) 


Will my metal card work for transactions?

Yes, you new metal card will basically have the same functionality as your old plastic card. We clone the data stored on the magnetic stripe onto your new metal card and then transplant the EMV chip from your old card. This allows you to pay with chip and swipe. The only difference is that you will no longer be able to tap your card to pay. We recommend using contactless payment through your mobile phone. Your card will still be compatible with Apple Pay™ as well as Android Pay™.

Will my old plastic card still work?

The card number itself is never changed so you can use your old plastic card for online purchases. We transplant the chip which means tap-to-pay as well as insert will no longer work. As for the magnetic stripe, it may still work but we cannot guarantee functionality. Our chip transplant process can interfere with the magnetization of the old stripe. We will of course send your old card back with your new metal one.

How does the process work?

First, you will choose from one of the shipping options at checkout. Depending on which option you choose, we will either email you a tracking label to print out and ship with, or we will send you a mailer with the new label inside for you to attach and send back to us with your old plastic card. Once we receive your card, we guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time. That means that from the time it arrives at our office, it will be into the carrier's possession within 48 hours. It usually takes 24 hours or less, but the carrier may pick it up a day late. Once we receive your old card, we will most likely have your metal card blank ready and engraved which means all we have to do is make your metal card useable. We copy all the mag-stripe data from your old plastic card onto your new metal card. We will then use our chip-transplantation process to remove the chip from your old card, and onto your new one. Once that process is complete, we will make a $1.00 USD test payment to ensure that the chip works. This payment will be refunded back to you. Finally, we will ship your brand new metal card to you along with your old plastic card.

How do I know that my payment information is protected?

To start, all of our info, including the owner/staff member names in public, on the About Us page. If we did use your card or card information fraudulently, you would know exactly who it was and could report it to the police. Also, none of your information is saved by us once your card leaves our office. We have no interest in committing any crimes because we already have a successful, legitimate business. You may also pause/freeze your card prior to sending it to us. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have through one of our customer support options.

What if my new metal card does not work?

Before we ship your new metal card to you, we will always do a test payment for $1.00 USD which will be refunded, to ensure that everything works as expected. So far, we have not had any customers who had issues paying with their new metal card. In the unlikely event that your new card doesn't work, you can send it back to us to troubleshoot and try to fix the issue. If we cannot get your card working, we will dispose of your card, and give you a full refund. You can also get a new card from the issuer which is generally free, and we will be glad to make you a new metal card at no extra cost. If you notice any problems, you must contact us within 14 days of receiving your new metal card in order for us to assist you. Like mentioned earlier, we have not received any complaints yet so you should not worry.

What happens if I lose my metal card?

We offer a warranty program that can be purchased along with your metal card. The warranty costs $50.00 USD and lasts for two years. If you lose your metal card and you purchased the warranty, we will replace your card for free within the warranty period whether you lose or damage it. Keep in mind that if you lose your metal card, we will not be able to clone the data from that card so you will have to send us a different card. If you do not purchase the warranty but you need a new card, you may message our customer support to get 25% off a new card. We offer this discount to any returning customer who purchased a card from us before.

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